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Hobie Catch Bag Cooler


If you’re keeping fish to eat, it’s important to store your catch out of the sun and away from predators. The Hobie® Soft Cooler / Fish Bags are ideal for the job.

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Also known affectionately as Catch Bags, they are available now in a large size, and coming soon in a new medium size that fits inside the front hatch of many Hobie kayaks.

“Hands down, it’s the best kayak fishing bag on the market. It is solid and thick enough to hold up to the spines of a red snapper,” says Hobie Fishing Team member Brandon Barton.

Constructed of vinyl coated polyester, the Hobie Soft Cooler / Fish Bags boast a half inch of closed cell foam insulation. The closures are tough too, durable zippers.



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