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Aquabanas Dance Bana


The first of its kind. The Floating Dance Bana will bring your party up a
notch and grab attention wherever you go! Suitable for dancers of all
skill levels, everyone will want to take a spin on the stainless-steel pole. In
addition, the Dance Bana acts as a foundation piece for the Club Bana
(shown top right), which seats 8-10 party goers around a table designed
specifically for dancing. The Dance Bana also connects to any of the
AquaBanas including the Party Bana, Picnic Bana and more. All
AquaBanas products can be made in your corporate colors and have
logos added.



INFLATED 340 x 340 x 20cm / 133” x 133” x 8”
STORED 140 x 60 x 50cm / 56’’ x 24’’ x 20’’

WEIGHT  81 Kg / 179 Lbs
CAPACITY 1180 Kg / 2600 Lbs


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