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Aquabanas Mega Lounger


The 11’ wide AquaBanas Mega Lounger can hold 5 or more adults and is
perfect for floating on the water, or placing on the beach. The unit
connects to the side of any AquaBanas and provides additional space to
relax and enjoy your day. The Mega Lounger is also perfect for land use!


11′ Wide
Up to 6 adults
Super Comfortable
Ergonomic Fit
Connects Solidly


INFLATED 340 x 206 x 95cm / 134″ x 81″ x 37″
STORED 95 x 55 x 34cm / 37″ x 22″ x 14″

WEIGHT 55 Kg / 120 Lbs
CAPACITY 1339 Kg / 2945 Lbs


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