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Aquabanas PWC Extreme Bana


Created with the active yacht in mind – the PWC Extreme Bana connects
seamlessly to the Party Bana or Picnic Bana and provides ample room for
3 SEABOB®s, 2 PWC’s, an e-Foil and all the needed gear for a day of fun
on the water. There’s additional room on the deck for other water toys as


PWC Extreme
Fits 2 Jetski’s 3 SEABOB’s and 1 e-Foil
Additional deck space for sun bathing

INFLATED 590 x 340 x 20cm / 232″ x 13″ x 8″
STORED 70 x 50 x 30cm / 30’’ x 20’’ x 12’’
WEIGHT 60 Kg / 132 Lbs
CAPACITY 1218 Kg / 2678 Lbs


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