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Aquabanas Splash Bana


The Splash Bana allows up to 8 people to sit or lay comfortably on the
deck. The center hole is netted so kids and adults can splash safely
without falling through. Add another Bana deck, or Bana tent, to enhance
the experience. It easily fits 8 VIPs and was designed with small children
in mind. The 5’ wide center features a springy splash pad that’s only 8’
deep so our smallest friends can cool o while staying safe. Attach it to
another Bana for more deck space or add a BT120 Bana Tent to stay cool.



INFLATED 340 x 340 x 30cm / 133” x 133” x 8”
STORED 140 x 60 x 50cm / 56” x 24” x 20”
WEIGHT 60 Kg / 132 Lbs
CAPACITY 927 Kg / 2040 Lbs


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