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Bote Bucket Rac


The Bucket Rac, a smaller version of the Tackle Rac, is designed to wrap around a standard five-gallon bucket, or even better, a KULA Cooler. Both are great for transporting bait, cast nets, gear, and—in the KULA’s case—beer and refreshments. This uniquely shaped accessory works perfectly in the front and rear Tackle Rac Receivers on all of our Rac compatible boards for securing your stuff and keeping your rods handy.
It’s your BOTE, configure it how you like. Use the Bucket Rac on its own as an alternative to the Tackle Rac, or use it in tandem. Put it in the front or put it behind you. Get creative. Figure out what configuration works best for what you want to do.

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Weight: 5.5 Lbs.
Dimensions: 18.75″ x 11″ x 14″
Rod Holders: 4.5″ Circumfrence

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White, Black, Sea Foam


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