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NeverLost Kayak Paddle Leash with Bracelet


The Neverlost Gear Paddle Leash with Quick Disconnect Bracelet was designed to keep your absolute most valuable item while out kayak fishing secure and with you, your paddle. No one wants to be up creek without a paddle. The quick release bracelet is made to simply snap onto your paddle handle and unsnap when you no longer want it on. Attach the carabiner end to your kayak and you are set. The generous 8ft plus of coil line gives you plenty of freedom to move the paddle around and then the coil quickly compresses back when not in use.

Made of 550 paracord with a monofilament core these leashes will last you season upon season while retaining their great color. Each leash is made in America and is inspected for quality before being sent to you. Every Paddle Leash with Quick Disconnect Bracelet features


Over 8 foot of stretch
Quick release bracelet in a two tone finish
One metal carabiner
Heavy duty crimps designed for media such as steel cable
Superior quality heat shrink tubing over the crimps to muffle sounds when hitting your vessel
The Neverlost Logo because if your leash doesn’t say Neverlost Gear then you don’t have the best on the market.

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Oceans of Fire, Black, Orange


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