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Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 15 Tandem


The Native Watercraft Ultimate FX 15 Tandem is a hybrid canoe/kayak perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, or relaxed paddling, with the capability of being converted to a solo kayak. Included are two Hi/Low seats with forward and aft adjustments, groove tracks for accessory mounting, adjustable thwart bar for accessory mounting, deck padding for standing and casting, two seat bases with storage and cup holder, open stern storage area, one tight line anchor trolley, two sets of adjustable foot braces, padded armrests and rod tip rest, padded carry handles, sharp bow for entry and tracking, tunnel hull for extra stability, and a sharp exit hull for tracking.

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Length- 15’3″
Width- 31″
Weight- 80 lbs.
Depth- 12.5″
Capacity- 600 lbs
Style- Kayak/Canoe Hybrid

Hi/Low adjustable seating
Groove tracks for accessory mounting
Adjustable thwart bar
Two seat bases
Open stern storage area
One tight line anchor trolley
Two sets of adjustable foot braces
Padded armrests and rod tip rest
Padded carry handles
Sharp bow entry
Tunnel hull
Sharp stern exit


Blue Lagoon, Hidden Oak, Lizard Lick


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