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Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag


The Daytrip Lunch Bag by Yeti is the ultimate lunch bag. It is perfect for those who work out of their truck, as its layers of insulation prevent the soggy sandwiches and lukewarm drinks for hours. This Lunch Bag is ultra-stylish and won’t remind you of the brown bag your mom used to pack you. It is size adjustable, easy to clean, and folds away to a compact size when you’re done. Simply fold and stow away until you go home to repack it for tomorrow! Pair it with a Yeti ice pack for the freshest of lunches.

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Unfolded 5 3/4” × 13 1/2” × 8 3/4”
Folded 5 3/4” × 8 3/4” × 8 3/4”
Empty Weight 1.1 lbs


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