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YuJet Electric Surfboard


The YuJet is a carbon fiber electric surfboard that provides up to 40 minutes of fun in just one charge. With a 16 mile range and a 24 mph top speed, the YuJet is unparalleled in its class. This board is powered with electric propulsion through a high strength carbon infused intake and impeller, delivering high speeds and a thrilling ride. Effortlessly maneuver the YuJet through a wireless variable speed remote. The included remote allows you to easily adjust and fine-tune your speed through a convenient trigger. The waterproof battery is rechargable and offers up to forty minuets of non-stop excitement.

Construction includes high-strength carbon material, a comfortable EVA deck for maximum grip, a machined foam core for maximum performance, quick-release fins for easy transportation, durable neoprene handles to comfortably carry your YuJet board, and an easily removable jet module for maintenance and service.


1 YuJet Surfer Board
1 36mAh Lithium Ion Battery
1 Intelligent Battery Charger
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Wireless Remote Control Charger
1 Set of Fins (Four Fins)
1 Safety Magnet
1 Leash
4 Handles Onboard
Quick Start Guide
YuJet Warranty


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